NATO: 75 years of Collective Defense and Strategic Adaptation

On April 15, Prof. Anessa Kimball, director of CSI, Maxime Philaire, outgoing president of OTAN Laval, and Alice Bonardi-Igout, outgoing vice-president of OTAN Laval, had the honor of welcoming the U.S. Consul General in Quebec City, Danielle Monosson, in the presence of members of the OTAN Laval 2023-2024 delegation.

This event was an opportunity to recall the importance of NATO in the current security challenges facing Canada, the United States and their European allies.

It was also an opportunity to congratulate the members of the delegation who represented the United Kingdom and Croatia last February at the International Model NATO in Washington DC. They distinguished themselves by winning five prizes, including the Overall Superior Delegation!

The CSI also wishes every success to Léa Bossert, newly elected President of OTAN Laval for the year 2024-2025, and her team! Her delegation will represent the Czech Republic and Hungary in Washington DC in February 2025.

Last but not least, three students from Prof. Kimball's International Security course were also invited to take part in the event, as they have distinguished themselves through their work, some of which will shortly be published on the CSI website.

Évènement 75 ans OTAN

Délégation OTAN - 15 Avril
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