Canadian Defence and Security Network (CDSN-RCDS)

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The Canadian Defence and Security Network (CDSN) is made up of over 30 partner institutions in Canada and abroad, and more than 100 academics/researchers.

Established in Canada, the CDSN aims to bring together and promote exchanges between academics, decision-makers/political leaders, members of the armed forces and civil society.

  • Create a world-class research network;
  • Develop Canadian defense and security research;
  • Adapt research initiatives to better inform policy-making;
  • Improve exchange and sharing between defense and security players;
  • Improve Canadians' knowledge of defence and security issues;
  • Train the next generation of experts, with an emphasis on equity, diversity and inclusion.
CDSN at Université Laval

Université Laval is the only French-speaking university officially present at the CDSN. This gives it a unique role, as it can bring the insights of several French-speaking researchers to a traditionally English-speaking field (security and defense research). In fact, several Université Laval researchers are also members of the CDSN.

Anessa Kimball is co-director (security) of the CDSN at Université Laval. This ensures fruitful exchanges between the CDSN and the CSI (and, by extension, the ESEI). As a result, CDSN events at Université Laval are co-presented by CSI.

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CDSN and ESEI are offering two annual scientific mobility grants until 2026.

Full details here.