Center for International Security (CSI)

You have reached the website of the Center for International Security (CSI). Interest in the many issues surrounding global security is no longer monopolized solely by experts or students in the field. The search for new ideas, avenues of reflection and ways to participate in a current event that is sometimes difficult to understand, is now everyone's legitimate need to better delve collectively or individually into complex issues. The CSI was officially born in 2014 out of a desire to give new impetus to safety studies at ESEI in order to meet these expectations. In this, it takes over from the International Peace and Security Program.  

The Centre's expertise covers several dimensions of international security. More specifically, the program's mandate is threefold: to encourage research into international security from a multidisciplinary perspective; to provide teaching and research support for students interested in international security issues; and to raise public awareness of current strategic issues. This site is new, but it is already rich in content, which we will be continually adapting to the needs of our users.

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